San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon | 5.31.15

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Holy smokes has it really been 6 whole months since my last post?! Part of me feels like it was only last week, but then again SO much has happened. I'm not quite sure where to even start, so I'll just jump right in and see where this ends up...

Way back at the beginning of the year I started to really focus on bettering myself. I've always loved working out, but would too often find myself lacking motivation to eat healthy and stay committed. One of my best friends suggested we start running, and I jumped on board almost immediately. Is it just me, or is it way easier to commit to something when you have a friend along on the ride? Sometime soon after we decided to up the anty and train for a marathon, and guess what? We did it! I RAN A MARATHON! I honestly could cry right this very second thinking about the roller coaster ride that is training to run 26.2 miles. I read somewhere that running a marathon is the closest your body can get to having a heart attack, without actually having one, so there's that...It was by far the most rewarding, tiring, physically and emotionally draining, painful, euphoric, and exhausting thing I have ever done. 

One day I will have to do an entire post on all the things no one tells you about training for a marathon. Think loosing toenails and buying 3 pairs of different shoes...but until then, here are a few pics and a that little video above I made to better show you what it was like!

We decided to make the trip to San Diego a weekend long getaway! We stayed at the Hard Rock and ventured into Gaslamp on Friday night for a little girls night. It was just what the doctor ordered after 20 intense weeks of training.

We spent almost all day Saturday lounging around watching movies. We wanted to save up our energy for Sunday. I may or may not have napped 3 different times...My body just somehow knew what it was in for I guess.

We woke up Sunday at 3:45 a.m. (!!) and made our way to the starting line. After a few silent prayers and a good luck hug from my momma, we were off!

It is honestly hard to put into words how amazing it feels to cross the finish line after running for 5 hours straight. Once we saw the finish line, we started sprinting and bawling simultaneously. I wasn't expecting to feel so emotional, but I was too tired to care.

Hopefully that wasn't too long or sappy for you ;) I feel like I can conquer the world now!

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  1. CONGRATS! That is such a huge accomplishment. Congratulations for running a marathon. My goodness! :)


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