Twenty Three

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Saturday was my twenty third birthday, and with it came a bunch of mixed emotions. On the one hand, I love birthdays and all that comes with getting older! Aside from celebrating what I hope to be a brand new year full of great things, I usually reflect on all that has happened during my previous year of life, in this case my twenty second. 

While I am able to check a few things off of my life's "to do" list, like graduating college, this has been a year chalk full of emotional, hard events. I AM hopeful that things for me, and my friends and family, will continue to progress. As daunting as it is to try and figure out what's next for me (you must know by now that I don't do well with the unknown) I finally feel like I am headed in the right direction, and for that very reason I know this year will be my best one yet!

On my actual birthday, my best friends mom was having a 50th birthday party, so I joined in and it was so fun! Plus, a lot of the people I love were there to celebrate too, so it was a win win!

A few days before my birthday is when the real celebrating took place. I went to brunch at The Ivy (so delicious, SO expensive!) with one of my best friends from FIDM. We chatted and also celebrated her 22 birthday. Just a wee baby, that one.

On Friday, the night before my birthday, and also my moms birthday, (have I lost you yet? I have no idea why I've decided to go over these events so out of order, but it was my birthday after all, so I do what I want) my oldest sister took me to sushi and Lost The Musical. I wasn't an avid watcher of the show when it aired, but the play was so funny! If you're able to catch the show, I highly recommend you do so.

I am so ready to have the best year. I have so many good things happening with job leads that I am extremely optimistic! Happy mid October everyone xx T


  1. Well happy belated birthday chick!!! You look great :)

  2. Birthdays are always nice. They give you the chance to look back on the year and really see how far you've come. I'm glad you had a great day :)

  3. Happy birthday! Hope you'll have more birthdays as enjoyable as this one. :)

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