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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I guess now is as good a time as ever to jot down some of the thoughts going through my head in regards to graduating college. It 
still blows my mind knowing this huge chapter of my life is complete. (I finished almost a week ago! Say what?) Part of 
me feels like I just started high school yesterday, a face full of braces and a backpack much to large for my tiny frame. 
But an even bigger part of me feels like it took forever to make it to the place I am today. I can remember 
graduating high school at seventeen, ready to head to Kansas to play soccer, leaving my family, friends and basically 
my entire life behind me. Looking back I was no where near ready to start my life yet, and a part of me knew that, 
yet I packed up my stuff and headed across the country, wide eyed and ready to tackle the obstacles in my way. I do 
believe everything happens for a reason, though I sometimes seem to forget that and I have to remind myself every so 
often, but I am thankful for the short amount of time it took me to come to the realization that I didn't belong there. 
Returning home from what was supposed to be my "future" was both humiliating and humbling. I was only concerned 
with the things people would say when they heard I was home after less than a month (that's an even longer story for 
another day), but I wish I could shake that young girl and tell her that everything would turn out ok. No, not okay, exactly as 
it should! After two years at Long Beach State, the first of which was spent again playing collegiate soccer, I again made 
the decision to move home, this time to focus on getting a degree that made more sense for ME. It's hard to explain all 
the feelings involved with all of the different "start overs", but this one felt right. I must have known this would be 
what would stick, because here I am two years later with my AA in graphic design! It may have taken twenty two 
(almost twenty three ) years to come to this point in my life, but better late than never right? Countless sleepless nights, 
a few colleges, and a lot of prayer got me here. I am forever thankful for my friends, but mostly my family for believing 
in me and letting me chase my dreams! Most people wouldn't understand why I've done what I've done, but they always 
got it. I will cherish their support, and love with everything I've got.

After spending what felt like two full years cooped up inside, staring at my computer screen, my friends from school and I decided we 
deserved a nice dinner and some drinks to commemorate the moment. I honestly wouldn't have made it without them!

Normally, the idea of a Saturday at school would make my blood boil, but these people helped make it fun!

FIDM, you were a blessing! I will miss the people and teachers so much. I can't wait to see what's next.

Here is a link to my portfolio, if you want to take a peek! I am in the process of designing a sight,
but this can be a temporary fix :)

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