Lies I tell myself:

Friday, May 16, 2014

- Juice cleanses are easy. Only drinking for three days is totally doable.
- Twelve mini chocolate chip cookies have way less calories than one normal sized cookie.
- Dry shampoo is the equivalent of a shower.
- Relaxing all weekend long and staying up 40 hours straight during the school week is not only efficient, but pretty damn impressive on my part.
- It's normal to drive as long as you possibly can on empty. It's my favorite game.
- Creating daily to do lists (that never get completed) will make you feel empowered.
- Boyfriend jeans are better than the real thing.

Do you lie to yourself daily? No? Just me? Cool. 


  1. Haha oh my goodness those are some of the best lies ever and I'm definitely guilty of the cookies and to-do lists that never get done (;

    Dearest Lou

  2. Girl let me tell you...I'm on day 3 of my (what was suppose to be) 4 day juice cleanse and oh boy...I have never been in a worse mood! I mean, I've lost some weight and I physically feel pretty good, but I just want a damn cheeseburger! Also, I'm juicing my own stuff so it probably doesn't taste as delicious as the purchased juices. I think I've decided I don't like kale juice.


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