Stagecoach by the numbers

Monday, April 28, 2014

(Got this idea from the adorable blog Awkward Girls)
5/ the amount of hours it took us to get from LA to Palm Springs. worth it? you bet your bottom dollar.

3/ the number of pictures I posted on instagram from the greatest weekend at Stagecoach.

207/ the number of pictures I actually have from the greatest weekend at Stagecoach. 

6'11"/ the size of the largest man (ever!) that stood in front of me for most of Jason Aldean. 

11/ the price of one vodka tonic.

1,000,000/ the amount of money I would have payed to touch Luke Bryan, Thomas Rhett, or Brantley Gilbert.

4am/ the time we were awoken on Sunday morning to the sound of glass shattering. someone broke into our house, grabbed a purse and bailed. that is another story for another day. needless to say I was terrified shitting bricks, but we are all fine.

0/ the amount of times I wished I was at Coachella instead.

1 Comment

  1. Oh my goodness!! Do tell that purse story soon! How terrifying!
    Sounds like you had an absolute blast! I love these pics and definitely think you should post more. And I totally want that flag.


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