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Friday, April 4, 2014

+ hey april. I know your showers are supposed to lead to may flowers and all, but could you warm up a bit for my last week of spring break?
+ speaking of spring break...dare I say I'm actually bored with all my free time? I catch myself longing for school assignments and projects, and then I immediately slap myself in the face (figuratively speaking, obviously) for thinking like that. Come mid May I will curse those very thoughts and long for this down time I seem to be drowning in now, but for now I can't help it.
+ have I mentioned to you all how much I like love am obsessed with country music? Stagecoach (the country version of Coachella, if you will) is a few weeks away and I am so giddy! I can't wait to soak up the sunshine in Palm Springs, listen to my favorite music, stalk Luke Bryan, hang out with friends, and enjoy some me time.
+ the most scrumptious little human, Quinnie, is turning 3 that very same weekend (^^^) and it is eating me up inside not being able to celebrate at her park party. I know I'm only an aunt over here, and I can't imagine how emotional I'll get when it's my own babe, but time has FLOWN! Wasn't it just her first birthday like yesterday? And didn't she just turn two (see those pics here)?!  I could literally die. Perf (lol)

I'm sure there are some other tidbits I am forgetting, but for now that's all you get. I really really REALLY do love blogging, and all that it entails, but right now I'm feeling a little blah about it all. Maybe inspiration will strike one of these days, but for now I hope you enjoy my sometimes monthly shenanigans. Peace. 

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