Sweater Weather

Thursday, December 5, 2013

photos by Jorden Keith
sweater: H&M (this color sold out but same in beige here)
shorts: Urban Outfitters 
boots: Urban Outfitters (on sale for $49!)
watch: Michael Kors

I had the pleasure of shooting with Jorden a few weeks back when the weather wasn't so biter cold. I'll be sharing some more images from our shoot next week, so look out for those :) This is the first time I've taken pictures with anyone other than my mom. To say he made it easy for me was an understatement. As far as this outfit goes, you will find me in this type of ensemble often. This sweater is SO comfy cozy that it's hard to even get me out of it. I live in this thing. The color is also different than anything else I have, and I love it.

I was recently looking over some of my past posts where I was WAY more open with my personal life and shared every little thing I was thinking. I want to get back to that place soon, and hope you won't mind that I over share every now and then.

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