Placing an image inside of text : photoshop tutorial

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Happy Monday! It's been a while, but I thought I'd show you all a fun Photoshop Tutorial. If you don't have Photoshop I highly recommend you get it! It does cost quite a bit, but they have a free 30 day trial you can purchase here. This tutorial will show you how to place any image you have inside of text. This is a fun way to spruce up a moodboard, or liven up an ordinary image!
Step 1: Choose an image you want to fill your type with and paste it onto a new blank document (this will help once we delete some of the image in future steps.)
Step 2: Choose the font you want to use. It works best with a thicker font (I used Bebas Neue here) because you want to showcase as much of your picture as possible. 
Step 3: This may look exactly like step 1, but you will need to move your text layer (the one that says "coffee" in this case) and drag it under your image layer (layer 1 in this case). If your current text looks as if it has disappeared, don't worry! It's just hiding behind your image.
Step 4: There are several ways to do this, but the simplest would be to go to the top navigation bar, go to layer>create clipping mask. Once you have done this, you might be ready to go! Click save and have fun. If you aren't satisfied with the size of your text, you can still transform the text size, like this:
Make sure you select your text layer (in this case "coffee" and then scale your text to the size you want.  You can either highlight the entire word and change the point size to what you want, or free transform your text by pressing command T (on a mac) and dragging in the corners. Remember to hold down shift when transforming anything.  

If you have any questions regarding ANYTHING Photoshop, don't hesitate to ask! I was shown everything at one time or another, so I'd love to help with any questions you have. You can see my other tutorials here and here.


  1. This is so super helpful! I've been thinking about buying it for some time but wasn't sure if it was worth it...Do you use yours enough to say that it is?

    If nothing else, I've always wondered how to do this. :)

    I'm part of the giveaway team and just wanted to see who all else was participating. Following along now!



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