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Thursday, October 24, 2013

 still reliving my birthday celebrations. you won't believe this, but one of those balloons somehow got loose and flew straight up into the trees, before I even took one picture...so naturally I decided 
to go by another 2 and you better believe I gripped onto that bad boy for dear life.
 my sister's birthday is less than a week after mine, so we did a fun little photo shoot with one 
of her many birthday presents, a bouquet of flowers. Sunflowers just scream Fall, don't you think?
I whipped up this fun black and white moodboard for a class project. I love the classic look and feel of black and white. Timeless and chic. Right up my alley.
 is there anything cuter than baby toms?
watching this little nugget is the best part of week! she's growing up right before my eyes and 
it's so fun to watch her master everything new that comes her way.

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