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Monday, September 16, 2013

Ever have those days (or weeks) when you just lac any sort of inspiration? I've found it terribly hard to document any outfits for almost a month now, but surprisingly feel so refreshed! I hadn't intended on taking a break from this blog, it just sort of happened. And I am ok with it. I suppose now that fall weather is approaching, although it seems like this heat will never end,  I'll be able to bust out my sweaters, knits, boots, and beanies (my fav) in no time. I.can't.wait. Till then I hope you don't mind me sharing designs, inspiration, and pictures that I am loving. Here are some of those pictures right now (of Quinn, duh!) :
thanks for reading and commenting it really does mean the world to me! kisses


  1. These pictures are the cutest! I totally have those "lack of inspiration" days. I think I'm still finding mine


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