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Friday, September 27, 2013

Since I have yet to find the time to document what I've been wearing these days, I'll show you the next best thing. Pattern mixing is all the rage these days, and no one can do it more effortlessly then little babes! They can already get away with wearing anything they want (princess tutus, angel wings, a plain old diaper only, etc.) so this trend isn't too far of stretch. This adorable outfit, minus the shoes, is from J.Crew. Man do they know what they're doing. I die over everything they carry. Always. This little striped top means "to the stars". I love that!

top and leggings: J.Crew, shoes: target

I know no one over the age of 6 would pattern mix to this extent (props to you Quinn), but it does serve its purpose to take a note from her. I've come to the conclusion that if pattern mixing freaks you out, which I know may be the case, it's easiest to pair a subtle pattern with a louder print. Now if I could only find those leggings in my size...Happy Friday!

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