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Monday, June 17, 2013

dress and glasses: urban outfitters, shoes: boutique
Quinn- dress and shoes: target

My beauty of an older sister let me snap a couple fashion photos for my class (which ends on Wednesday by the way!) near our house (I'll post those soon). Mind you, this wasn't my camera. THAT got stolen, in my classroom, by one of my classmates, within an hour period, the one time I bring it to school. I'm not bitter or anything...still keeping my fingers crossed someone will turn it in!
Back to the outfit. These glasses are so dreamy, aren't they? I've seen the same style on the likes of all my favorite fashion bloggers, except these were only $16! Run, don't walk to your nearest Urban and grab these bad boys :) Also coveting these and these.

Happy Monday! Kick this weeks butt! xo


  1. Oh so sad about your camera! I hope it turns up! The good news is you all look phenom!

  2. I adore that dress and the way it is tied up! So pretty!

    Xo, Kelsey

  3. these are gorgeous!! LOVE your dress too!
    So sorry about your camera!! I can't believe that!! Praying someone turns it in too!!!


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