rose colored glasses

Monday, May 27, 2013

(tank: foreign exchange, leggings: love culture, shoes: converse, glasses: thrifted) 

Or rather just plain rose glasses! This is the comfiest outfit I could come 
up with. Perfect for lounging around on Memorial Day. My favorite 
way to spend any holiday :) Hope all of yours were great as well! 

And here is my hair minus 6 inches. At first I was in a tad 
bit of shock, but I'm slowly starting to love it! My head feels 
pounds lighter and so much healthier. Just the change I needed.


  1. So gorgeous. LOVE this outfit. xoxo

  2. LOVE that shirt! I love anything that has skulls on it (:
    And your hair is GORGEOUS! and still so long! at least for my standards!! I wish my hair was that shiny and glossy!!

  3. LOVE those leggings!! Such a fun and laid back outfit!! :)


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