tried and true

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I rarely talk about beauty here on the blog, but I LOVE doing hair . Before I decided to become a graphic designer I was debating whether or not to become a hair stylist.  While FIDM may have won out, I still am very much in love with all things hair. Here are my favorite "tried and true" products xo

What are your favorite products? Also, go enter this rad giveaway I'm a part of! 


  1. I love the Organix Moroccan oil! I also really like Paul Mitchell Skinny serum. It reduces friz and makes my hair so shiny and healthy looking

  2. I just bought that dry shampoo because I wasn't going to be able to shower after a surgery. it worked nicely!

  3. im in desperate need of new straighteners and curling irons!

    im in LOVVVVVE with Moroccan oil!! im trying a new conditioner with keratin in it and im loving it as well!

  4. I'm totally blind. What brand is the curling wand? I've been wanting one for awhile.....



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