The Do's and Dont's of Eating Out

Friday, April 5, 2013

If you've been following this blog for a little while, you may be well aware
that eating healthy is something I'm very passionate about.  I eat most of
my meals at home, but every once in a blue moon (ok, like once a week) I like
to go out for dinner. Sushi to be exact.
You might think sushi is good for you, no matter what kind. Fish? 
GREAT for you! Rice and soy sauce...not so much.

I've decided to compile a list to help you have an amazing and yummy dinner without blowing all the hard work you've put in all week! Summer and bikini season is right around the corner ladies, so listen up ;)

Ladies: STAY AWAY! Soy sauce = sodium = salt = retaining water!
No one wants to look bloated come swimsuit time. 
Opt for some ginger or wasabi instead! 
This is where you can get easily fooled. Rolls sound healthy and are packed with
veggies and fish (good for you), but the white rice does nothing for you, 
except add extra calories (bad for you).
Opt for brown rice or cumber wrapped rolls instead!
(and because just telling you what you can't eat is down right cruel:)
Sashimi is my go to seafood fix! No rice to make you feel overly full, just some
good ole raw fish.vitamin. It is an excellent source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and 
other nutrients. My favorites? Salmon, tuna, and yellowtail.  

Non-sushi lovers may not find this helpful ;)


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