peppy peplum

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

top: urban outfitters ring purse necklace, jeans: jcrew, watch: michael kors, shoes: steve madden 
No other peplum top has felt as effortless as this one right here. T-shirt material? Count me in!
I'm in the market for a new camera (didn't you know mom? ;)) and start my photography class tomorrow at school! Coincidence? I think not...Anyone interested in a Canon Rebel?
p.s. These are the jeans I mentioned yesterday. Obsessed is an understatement.

My heart aches for all those suffering in one way or another from the Boston bombing. My thoughts and prayers are with you! If this has taught me anything it's how precious life is. I find solace in the fact that after the explosions, there were more people running towards the site of the blast than running away from it. That our first instinct as human beings is to help those who are hurt before we help ourselves....I'm choosing to be powerfully positive on a negative day.


  1. I love the pop of pink with the cute little bag–it goes great with burgundy!


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