mixing high and low end pieces

Thursday, March 14, 2013

 top&glasses: free people//leggings: f21//shoes: converse
This is  the epitome of my style. Girly and tomboy-esque all mixed into one!
Mixing patterns can give such a fun twist to ordinary pieces.
Plus this outfit is super comfortable! You can run errands, chase 
your little babe or just go about your day care free.

Do you like mixing high and low end items? It's my favorite xox


  1. Um, those leggings, WHERE can I get some? Miss you lady, hope you're feeling better! xoxo

  2. Totally dig this outfit. Someday I'll be able to pull it off ;) I need those leggings tho. I've started branching out in style but am about 200 squats away from being comfortable in something that eye catching! Love it girl!


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