black on black

Monday, March 25, 2013

sweater and bracelets: Urban Outfitters // shorts: Nordstroms Rack // shoes: Steve Madden // nail polish : OPI "Cute As a Button"

As backward as this color combo might seem, what with it being spring
and all, but I always resort back to black. It's never done me wrong.
As for helping this pasty white skin? It's my Spring Break now, and you better
believe I will be hitting up the beach (or my backyard) and getting brown.

On a non-fashion note, I can't believe I am  done with my second quarter
 of school. Time is flying! It's equal parts exciting and terrifying...
Thanks for coming along for the ride. xox

1 Comment

  1. Black is always a good idea :) Timeless and cool.


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