Wednesday, February 13, 2013

-I'm obseesed with Vine! Have you guys tried it? Those fun stop motion pictures are a breeze now! (Follow me @torib) I'll have a fun example of one I made tomorrow for Valentines Day.
-Speacking of Valentines it really already tomorrow?! When did February sneek up on us so quickly? I will be celebrating with my love at Katsuya, the yummiest sushi restaurant in LA. Day dreaming about my yellowtail right meow.
-Im workng on a real full blown exciting project! Can't wait to share all the deets.
-I know not many oeople enjoy them, but those conversation hearts are so yummy to me! They just seem to remind me of childhood too. Do you guys enjoy them as  much as me?

happy almost love day <3


  1. Ok I'm giving in! Getting Vine. I've heard so much about it. I'll follow you once I get it up and running :) Can't wait to hear about this project!

    Lesley /

  2. katsuya is TRULY amazing. that cod. NOM.


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