if you really knew me:

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

+ You'd know I used to be so shy that I'd come up with excuses just to get out of going places that made me anxious. I'm happy to say I am no longer a wall flower and I actually enjoy things that force me to come out of my shell.

+ You'd know I'm a hopeless romantic, almost to a fault.

+ You'd know I struggle daily with self confidence.

+ You'd know that I am obsessed with the idea of being a mommy! Everyone makes fun of me because I oooh and ahhh over every.single.baby that crosses my path. I can't help it! Those chubby cheeks and legs instantly turn me into mush.

+ You'd know that I am highly sensitive.

+ You'd know that I want so badly to be loved by everyone I meet.

+ You'd know I nap daily. And no, not just little cat naps. 2 hour naps. Bam.

What do I not know about you? Let's be friends! This blogging world has introduced me to SO many great people. You could be next :)

life lately

Sunday, July 22, 2012

according to ze iphone

1&2// FIDM! Successfully turned in my application :)
3// Born a beach bunny. Thanks mommy!
4// Matchy matchy bikes.
5// YUMM-Y!! Crab for days.
6// Law breakers. Shh.
7// Q at the park. Look at that face!
8// Bike rides to Chronic Taco. Again, yummy!
9// Wee. Bike rides.

oh and in other news:
I tried going to the yoga class I mentioned yesterday. Turns out it no longer exists. Epic.Fail.
Then I decided to walk by the pilates studio I pass daily and they just happened to have a class just about to start so I jumped right in. And I loved it! Lets just say I'm already sore...and can't wait to go back. (I may have fallen off the machine and humiliated myself. Coordination isn't a forte I guess) 


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Isn't crazy how well rested and happy you can feel after just one week of a vacation?
That's basically me...all summed up. 

I'm taking my first power yoga class tomorrow! 
I'm sad I'm not a yogi, but who knows, maybe I'll become one ;)

newport. (III)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Spent the afternoon at the fair! So much junk food and good company :)

(this kills me!!!)
 Interested in sponsoring for August? Send me an email: toribaldridge@gmail.com

newport. (II)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Still loving our family time :) I'm off to lay on the beach!
Happy Tuesday!


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Here's the latest: We are happy, full of love (and crab), having a blast, and maybe a little burnt! Beyonce seems to keep making her way back onto the ipod, but hey I'm not complaining one bit. Loving our daily bike rides exploring this beauty of a town.

I hope to grab a few more pics of us adults, but it's hard to not snap pictures of Quinn's every move.  I tend to forget to step in front of the camera every once in awhile, but who can blame me? That little nugget is just too precious.

Can't believe we are here for another 5 days! Plenty of opportunity to take some more pics ;)

Have a happy week all!

beach babe.

Friday, July 13, 2012


Tomorrow we leave for the beach house and I couldn't be more excited! Last year Quinn was just a few months old and couldn't enjoy the sun or ocean. Now, we have trouble keeping her from running straight into the water, even fully clothed! So much to do before we jet off tomorrow a.m., but all great things.

Follow along on instagram in case I can't update as often as I want to!! @torib

Happy weekend dolls!

Side note: Is anyone having trouble uploading pictures to their blog? Mine seem to come out fuzzy and, well ugly. Any tips on transferring from photoshop to the web and keeping their original look?

sensory overload.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I'm wracking my brain at the moment trying to recall all the information I received today...

If you're new to these parts, which I'm seeing lots of you are, (Thanks for the traffic Lauren!) you should know I'm at a turning point in my life. I'm trying to decide what it is I want to do with the rest of my life. Ok, that might be a little bit of an exaggeration, but not really. I love the idea of getting a degree in graphic design because it's something I really do enjoy! But I wouldn't mind a cosmetology license either. So that's where I'm at.

Today I visited FIDM, which has been in the back of my mind since I can remember, and Paul Mitchel. Now all I need to do is make a decision. At least I have a vacation this weekend to weigh the options and make a choice.

In the meantime I think I'll focus on how great summer has been, before my life is consumed once again with school.

Can it be Saturday already?!

jumbled thoughts

Monday, July 9, 2012

-Summer was definitely made for me!
-Just went all out and spent my hard earned dough. Not that I don't  
love shopping, but it's so sad to see that money gone...buyers remorse?
-Obsessed with instagram. Just a tad. (follow me @torib)
-I will be lounging beach side for a whole week in 5 freaking days. Can I get an amen? In
preparation for said beach stay I am going to try to rev up my workouts  & eat extra clean! 
Anyone wanna help kick my butt into shape join me on this little to do?
-I am so baffled that I am about to reach 200 followers! Seriously it makes my
 day getting emails and comments from people who enjoy my blog.
-Kourtney Kardashian (aka my long lost sister) had her baby and named her
Penelope! I.die. That is so adorable!
-I am researching both cosmetology and graphic design schools and my brain hurts
trying to come up with the right fit for me. Ugh any suggestions?

Happyhappy Monday! xoxo

yesterday was for...

Monday, July 2, 2012

lounging in the "pool"! granted I wasn't able to fit in this particular pool, but it did feel like the epitome of summer!

SO much babysitting these days! I can't wait to be a momma some day far, far, in the future ;)
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