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Friday, December 7, 2012

-Deciding for the first time I want to try and park right out in front of school and finding the greatest spot ever! (This was me going in on another day off too, so keep in mind how "meant to be" I assumed this spot was.) After 3 my brain is fried and I decide to go home, only to find a ticket on my
beautifully parked car. I guess the parking attendant didn't appreciate my park job as much as any normal human would...sorry mom!
-Tonight I am going to a "crazy pants" party! Do I have said "pants"? Of course not. I'm off to grab those bad boys right now :)
-In one week I will be done with my first quarter at FIDM. It's mind boggling to me. It flew by too fast! I don't wanna enter the real world and get a real job! I just want to learn cool things everyday and hang out with other people who enjoys the same things as me. But alas, I know the real world is waiting out there for me. Maybe one day I'll be excited (lol)
-Currently reallly want to make a trip up to the snow! You people you experience it regularly...i envy you. 


  1. i love the photo on this post! i've never heard of a "crazy pants" party but it sounds fun! i don't think i have anything i could wear to one either, though!

  2. cute picture! and that sounds like a totally interesting party.... hmmm... LoL!

    I have reality probz's okay:)

  3. what a cute little doggie!! congrats on finishing the first quarter!!


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