these boots are made for rockin'

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It's safe to say these new boots are my favorite pair of shoes.
I'm willing to bet they may be seen around these parts for a long while...
boots: Frye//sweater: Nasty Gal//shorts: Foreign Exchange//purse: Marc Jacobs
A little update:

School is majorly time consuming and challenging, but in
the most amazing way! I never thought I'd have so much fun
doing homework each and every day (for hours on end mind you).
I'm learning new things each and every class, and soon I can't wait to
show you what I've been working on :) I finally feel like I'm exactly 
where I'm supposed, and that feels beyond amazing!  

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  1. Those boots are pretty amazing and I LOVE how you paired them with the socks that show!! You look great :)


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