Life's a Beach

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Man I love Southern California! We headed to Manhattan 
beach as a nice change. I can really see myself living there 
when I get older. One day...

For now I'm content living with my family and my home 
cooked meals ;) Now that I no longer have to worry about my
admissions project I have lots of spare time on my hands to catch
up on my favorite blogs and my newest summer read "Firefly Lane".
Have you guys read it? So far so good!   


  1. Aw, my friend lives on that street! Love MB!


  2. Beach bunny :) I haven't actually done a whole lot of summering things...but I guess summer activities change when you live in the city. Happy Monday!!

  3. hooray i need a new book to read! // i love your "im just playing in the sand" letters! ive been trying to learn how to do that with photoshop and obviously i havent quite gotten it right yet!

  4. I love this post, the pictures are so relaxing! I'm a fellow SoCal blogger too! I live in San Clemente! New follower! Xoxo Kelly


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