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Thursday, August 2, 2012

- My best friend left today for OSU. I hate goodbyes. 
Thank goodness I don't start school for a while. 
I'm thinking a mini trip just might be in the cards.

- "Find a job you love and you'll never work a day
in your life." That quote is starting to resonate with

- I am baffled that it is already August. I know every
 says it, but I especially mean it! The up side is that
means I'm only 2 shorts months away from my 21st.
I DON'T WANNA GROW UP... but I'll now be 
able to gamble. Plus?

- Pilates may just be God's gift to this Earth. Well, 
that and Ryan Lochte. 


  1. SUCH GORGEOUS BFFS. Rock on lady! So sorry you had to say goodbye. Goodbye's REALLY stink.

  2. Goodbyes stink.

    You two are gorgeous. Zseeiouslucskniwnw.

  3. I hate goodbyes too :( btw lovin' the new blog look. I'm gonna have to get you to do mine when I eventually feel like paying someone:P

    Oh and I know you already read my blog post today, but you should go check it out again. I edited it after my workout and I know that you'll love what it says!

  4. i hate goodbyes too. my bestie best moved 45 mins away and it was the worst day of my life. ok not really..but you get it. happy almost birthday. and im sorry, but i just cant share the ryan with you. sorry about it.

  5. In The Netherlands you are already a grown up at 18.. so that's not really fair is it? ;) Yeah and I like the job quote as well, although I'm not sure yet what that will mean exactly for me quite yet.. :)



  6. I'm shocked about August being here as well, but I'm also excited. This month, I start my first year of college, and it's my birthday month! :)

    I'm a new follower, so if you'd like, check out my blog! It would mean a lot. :) Thanks!

    ~ Gina

  7. you are gorgeous besties! love your blog!



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