airport comfort

Monday, August 27, 2012

I'm no seasoned traveler, but the last thing I want to have to worry about on an airplane, aside from having to pee and being stuck in a window seat, is being uncomfortable. The only possible solution? Leggings...duh :)  

top: Nasty Gal
leggings: LuLuLemon
shoes: Steve Madden
jewlery: Urban Outfitters 

Can't wait to get my Nor Cal on! Workouts by the beach, 
ice cream runs, and major cuddling with my guy. 
Happy Monday!


  1. Who doesn't want to be comfy on a plane?!

  2. girl, good choice with the leggings. airplanes are always cold and jeans are a big no-no.

  3. The last time I went on an airplane, in January, all I remember is that I wore leggings and Ugg boots. Most comfortable flight ever! I think I may have just worn a short dress and a cardi over it (flying from California). You look cuter than I did though. :)

  4. Leggings all the way! When we flew the 8 hours to England I knew from day one that I was going to be wearing leggins and a loose fitting top. So comfy!
    Have a great trip lady!!

  5. haha I'm totally like that too! Except on this last trip I took I wore jean shorts :/ faiiil

  6. love the leggings!!! can't wait to wear mine!

  7. Wow, so gorgeous! And you look like a friend of mine! I had to look at other pics on your blog just to make sure that you weren't her! -Jessica



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