Sunday, July 15, 2012

Here's the latest: We are happy, full of love (and crab), having a blast, and maybe a little burnt! Beyonce seems to keep making her way back onto the ipod, but hey I'm not complaining one bit. Loving our daily bike rides exploring this beauty of a town.

I hope to grab a few more pics of us adults, but it's hard to not snap pictures of Quinn's every move.  I tend to forget to step in front of the camera every once in awhile, but who can blame me? That little nugget is just too precious.

Can't believe we are here for another 5 days! Plenty of opportunity to take some more pics ;)

Have a happy week all!


  1. Have a great week.

    Tiffany from Dreams Do Come True @

  2. looks like a lovely trip! next time youll have to head a bit more south to san diego!

  3. I'm not too far from newport. I live in Riverside :) Very cute pictures!!

  4. Such cute pictures! Looks like a fun trip also : ) I am a new follower here!


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