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Monday, July 9, 2012

-Summer was definitely made for me!
-Just went all out and spent my hard earned dough. Not that I don't  
love shopping, but it's so sad to see that money gone...buyers remorse?
-Obsessed with instagram. Just a tad. (follow me @torib)
-I will be lounging beach side for a whole week in 5 freaking days. Can I get an amen? In
preparation for said beach stay I am going to try to rev up my workouts  & eat extra clean! 
Anyone wanna help kick my butt into shape join me on this little to do?
-I am so baffled that I am about to reach 200 followers! Seriously it makes my
 day getting emails and comments from people who enjoy my blog.
-Kourtney Kardashian (aka my long lost sister) had her baby and named her
Penelope! I.die. That is so adorable!
-I am researching both cosmetology and graphic design schools and my brain hurts
trying to come up with the right fit for me. Ugh any suggestions?

Happyhappy Monday! xoxo


  1. Lots going on these days!!! I would join you in the working out/beaching but I cannot...alas I will enjoy it on my side of the country and you on yours! Happy Summer!

  2. where are you beaching?! sounds peachy keen to me and HOORAY for followers! feels so great!

  3. Love that you just went on a shopping spree! You go!
    And I also LOVE the name Penelope...but hubs hates it! :-(
    ♥ Kyna

  4. I have this thing where I tend to hate the Kardashians, but sometimes they are on TV and their stupid show reels me in like I'm a dead fish. I have to say that Scott is my very favorite, but I really like Kourtney too. And I love that she didn't name her kid a ridiculous name like Apple or Sparrow.

  5. Going to find you on instagram!

  6. Don't know how to do it on my iPad. Find me. Jamiegrace01


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