little notes

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

(Taken on my Canon Rebel & Edited in PS5)

dear Santa Cruz,
You're beautiful. I think I'll stick around for awhile.

dear blog,
Thank you for being a place where I always feel free to write. Write anything. Write everything.

dear new spin studio,
I am so glad I found you up here in the Cruz. I don't know why, but I can never seem to just be comfortable in a normal gym. Maybe it's the fact I grew up playing soccer with a coach constantly directing me and telling me what to do, but I find it SO much  more enjoyable exercising with a teacher. Yet, I hate being told what to do any other time. Hmm, go figure.

dear Sydney,
Can I have your style? And your cute baby? Better yet, your life? I want to be pregnant so I can rock a fashionable mini bump for 9 months!

dear you,
Wanna ad swap? Shoot me an email dolls!

Happy hump day! It's almost the weekend :)

Would any of you be interested in a little blog design giveaway? I'm thinking of hosting one!

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  1. Hi I am writing you an email about doing a guest post!


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