little notes

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Im typing this as I sit in traffic on my way to my last Wednesday class of the year! (sowwy mom we all text and drive).

dear blog,
You're getting a tank makeover! But not by me. My creativeness is all being used up by my clients. Sorry. Fear not, you're in good hands.

dear summer,
Woo! You're SO close I can taste you!!

dead blue maxi,
I think you'll be making a fashion post appearance real real soon. Actually I'm certain of it.

dear mom,
Youda BEST! This weekend we just get to highlight your awesomeness. Yay!

dear reader,
Sorry there's no cute picture to accompany this post. Still not sure how to add one from my phone on here. Forgive me.

happy hump day! xoxo


  1. blogging and driving is a no no missy. hope you mom doesn't read your blog...actually i do so she can get on to you!! cant wait to see the blog makeover and the cute little dress :)

  2. If you have the blogger app, you can upload photos via the little button on the bottom left. Though I don't recommend it, as the photos will be quite small. (At least, they always are when I post from the app!) If anyone knows how to make them *not* small please reply, HA! :)

    Have fun at your last day of class!!! Good luck on any finals you may have!!!

  3. I wish I was looking forward to the summer but I am not excited for the 100+ degrees days....

  4. if you need a song to go with this post, jump on over to my blog!
    have a great rest of the day and summer.... here we come!



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