Bare With Me!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Life is crazy right now! I'm officially all moved out of my apartment and back at home! YAY! I have 2 finals on Monday and one on Tuesday then it's helllllo Summer. I'm only a little freaking excited...Sorry for the lack of posts on here! I'll be back as soon as I'm done with school and things settle down. I do have a few things to say before I go back to procrastinating studying.

1. Go Lakers! Please don't make me regret wishing you win game 7! (I may not have mentioned it on here but I am an avid Laker fan!)

2. Last night my mom and saw The 5 Year Engagement and I loved it! I was a little iffy going in, but I was presently surprised! Have you seen it? Please tell me I'm not alone in thinking Jason's lips were so ridiculously botoxed that it took away from the entire movie...

3. I finally got a new pair (of in style) glasses! I've been wearing these bad boys like mad. I also got a haircut and color! Man I'm getting a lot of things done recently. Can't wait to share some pictures with you lovelies!

Hope you have a great mother's day! Give your mommy a huge hug and kiss! xoxo


  1. post more pictures of your haircut! and your glasses!
    i bet they are both adorable, but i wanna see! :)

  2. yes more pictures i want to see your hair and glasses. lovely post


  3. You and your mom are ADORABLE!
    ♥ Kyna


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