Spicing Things Up

Saturday, April 21, 2012

I'll never forget this advice my Mom once gave me.

"It's a woman's job to help keep the spark alive in a relationship." 

(While I do agree with mommy dearest, the man should put in equal effort ladies!) As 1/2 of the relationship, I try to keep things fun and interesting for me and my man, especially since right now our time together only consists of weekends.

Here are a couple of my go to's for keeping the spark alive:

1.Workout !
This is one of my favorite things for me and Nick to do together. Granted, he does ALWAYS kick my butt in our frequent runs, but it's so nice to get outside, enjoy the weather and each others company. We are both very active, and getting to share in something we both really love makes it all the more fun!
2.Cook dinner !
This one is so fun! Pick something you both love to eat and make it together. I do most of the watching and eating, but it's still so nice to make something together that you both love. (Don't forget the music!)
3.Take turns planning dates!
Every other weekend Nick and I switch off on the planning of a special date. It doesn't have to even involve money. Go for a walk on the beach. Go to a museum. Just plan it and do it!

Put on some new lipstick, throw on a cute dress and call it a day! And don't forget to tell me how it went ;) I'm off to a BBQ! Have a great Saturday dolls!
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  1. First of all, I absolutely adore the new blog design. Secondly, I couldn't agree more with keeping the love alive. My boyfriend and I cook dinner together often and it's so much fun. He's not one for working out, but we do like to spend time gardening together. Such great advice!

  2. Thanks for the dating ideas!! I love #2 & 3 especially ;)

  3. I love working out with Skye - and I actually used to hate it. But now I enjoy it so much more when we can go together. Love your new blog look too :)

  4. I agree about the 1/2 thing. My relationship is pretty equal :)


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