little notes

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

dear Long Beach,
You have been SO beautiful these past couple days, it kinda makes me happy to be back to school. But only kinda.
dear little old blog,
You are growing before my eyes and I love it. I used to check my followers number every 2 seconds, but I've decided this blog is for me, and I'm not here to make everyone else happy :)
dear Coachella,
Purchased a ticket for ya!! I will be seeing the hot dessert sun, and tons of bands, over the first 3 days of you. Get ready for me and my camera to soak you allll up!
dear 6am workout class I just took,
Thank you kindly. I need to be ready to wear sundresses and swimsuits soon! Hard work does the body, and mind, good.
dear Bass Lake,
I will be making the trek up to see you Friday and would love it if you miraculously decided to be blazing hot so I could tan this white body of mine. Is that too much to ask for? I think not.
dear you who choose to comment on my posts,
I hold you near and dear to my heart. I thought this would be a fun place to write about my life and what I'm feeling, but I think I've truly made some friends for life! xooxo to you guys!

Happy Hump Day!! Only 2 more till the weekend! (well one for me ;))


  1. I can't wait for the weekend too! Although I do have to work at the bar on Saturday (boo) it'll be ok. It's just one week closer to moving! WOO! Happy weekend!

  2. Look at you, working out at 6am! I wish! I love your blog, the design is simple & sweet, and your posts are always interesting. You go to CSULB? I applied there for grad school but I doubt I'll get accepted-- I was recently rejected at CSUF, boo! It's a nice campus, though!! :) What's your major btw? Are you undergrad or graduate? I (basically) just finished undergrad at UCI in Psychology~

  3. UM I want to go to coachella so bad. How much were the tix?? I need the 411 from someone in cali .... help a sista out

  4. dear you,
    you are amazing for working out at 6am so i plan to live vicariously through you.
    and have an amazing time at coachella!
    xx jes

  5. Check it out if you are interesting. I'm giving a giveaway for a design blog, the talented sisters from Truly Your blog, they will be drawing a blog something you want, with props, a draw picture that look likes you. Interesting? Go on and enter and hope to win...

    Good Luck


  6. I love little notes! And GREAT work getting up early to workout! It's truly my fave! Sets my mind and body on a great track for the day. Keep it up! :)

  7. Aw, I love you and your blog! I will be your friend for life :) I need to wake up early too for a nice workout :(


  8. I totally agree with you when you say that "this blog is for you" I feel the same way about my blog! I don't want to worry about how many people are reading or how many people follow. All that matters is that you are sharing what you love with the world and doing it in a way that makes YOU happy :)

  9. I love those Little Notes post!
    and i'm dying to go to Coachella.
    I do want a ton of pictures please ;)

  10. Dear me: I need to be like you and go to a 6am work out class! :)


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