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Thursday, April 5, 2012

+I may or may not have gotten a little emotional last night at the fact that One Tree Hill is over forever! That show got me through high school. I will miss you Haley, Brooke, Nathan, Julian, Jamie and Chase.
+My obsession with Instagram. It's unhealthy. Clearly, by the number of pictures I post on there (follow me @torib)
+My love for Justin Timberlake. It verges on the edge of obsession, but I'm not upset about it.
+2 tests on Monday night...after a long weekend away. Should be interesting.
+Road tripping up to Santa Cruz with my momma then heading to Bass Lake for a much need post spring break weekend! Can't wait for the singing in the car and joke cracking (both done my me, obviously)
+Designing a new blog for my dear friend Jessica! So excited :) I will also be hosting my first giveaway coming up for her so be ready dolls. You DO NOT wanna miss out on this little gem!
+Starting the countdown to Coachella! 8 days if you are curious at all!
+Shopping for said Coachella event. I can't very well show up in the same old clothes now can I? No, no I can not :)

I hope to post this weekend but if not I'll see you all back here Monday with a weekend recap and some inspiration. (fear not my dear camera will defiantly be making the trek up there with me )

Happy Weekend!!


  1. I have always been obsessed with JT! I watched Friends with Benefits last night for the first time and rekindled that romance all over again!

  2. Oh Justin. My one and only celebrity love crush! When my husband and I were "just friends" he would get so mad at me because I said that if JT came up to me and offered to...* ((whispers))do the nasty((whispers))...i wouldn't even hesitate. hahahaha! TEAM JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. TEAM JT all day, every day.
    I don't like Jessica Biel because of it.

  4. Weekend come a little sooner ;) love your blog!


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  6. I believe new outfits and fun events go hand in hand. Find something great:)

  7. oh my god, i love One Tree Hill. I am in England, so they havent finish the final, it was on air recently but i'm not looking forward to the final! :(

    And i have been fancying J.Timberlake since i was 15 years old lol He's hot.

    but now Johnny depp will be my first choice....

    Want to say congratulation, you have won the giveaway :D

  8. Happy weekend and Easter!
    Followed the blog, hope you don’t mind. And who knows, maybe you’ll visit me someday too.

  9. I am SO sad about the end of OTH! I do wish Lucas and Peyton were there for the final episode, though!


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