Weekend Recap

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Excuse my absence for the past few days! In case you missed me here's what's been going on:


I'm 100 percent brunette again! Ombre shmombre ;)

I had an amazing massage and pedicure with my bestie in Santa Barbara! It was heavenly, and MUCH needed!! Don't you love girl friend outings :) The funny thing is she bought this package as a Valentine's day present for her guy, but things didn't work out, so lucky me, I got to fill the missing role! hehe

*look at that pony tail and those pink converse!*

Quinn. She kills me! I love getting to come home on the weekends and see this little girl grow so beautifully :)

In other news, I'm on day 5 of my cleanse. DAY 5! Can you believe it?! 5 days without food! I'm so proud of myself, I'm half way there to the full 10 days. I've lost about 8 pounds and am feeling a bit more energized than I did during the first few days...hallelujah I'm almost there :)

Hope you had a fab weekend! xoxo


  1. Pedicures and massages?! So jealous. Looks fabulous. Loving your dark hair! Very cute.

  2. Congrats on the cleanse! I need to try it before I got to Orlando and drop some lbs. Love the new hair! :)

  3. beautiful you!!

    Oh hey!! I featured you on my blog!!(:

  4. okay wait, i want a massage/pedicure.


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