oh happy day

Monday, March 19, 2012

Today is Monday, and while this may regularly be a day that I try my hardest to avoid, this Monday is different. This is my last Monday before spring break. That's right, a break! Sleeping in, cuddling, NO hw, beach trips, the movies, tanning, and an all around free week to just do me (ok that last part sounds just plain silly).

As you read this I'm driving the 6 hours home from my wonderful trip up to Santa Cruz. I may be lacking a little sleep, but I am ready to get back and finish this week of school with a bang! (I may have also procrastinated a four page paper, but what the who.) I could use an extra large 5 hour energy and maybe a pancake (or hundred), but don't you worry because I've got my amazing singing voice to keep me company :) Bring on the Beyonce and Carrie Underwood!

Here's to the start of a great week! Hope you kick your Monday morning blues square in the face!


  1. i tried to kick my monday blues in the face but then it kicked me back with like 100 emails.
    xx jes


  2. Yay breaks are awesome!!
    You're almost there :)
    Lauren xo

  3. Awesome Monday! Today I'm laughing at things that go wrong, so monday won't put me down lol For example, my jeep door wouldn't open, so I got to crawl through the passengers door to get in lol.


  4. I can't wait until next week with no school. Thank GOd and good luck with that paper and this week! :) And im still waiting for deets on yesterdays pictures and post please and thanks :)

  5. Hooray! So glad you're at the home stretch, girlie! I thought of you this morning as I was driving back to Boston-- I had the radio on a country station :)


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