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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

dear dirty cluttered garage,
Dad had a chance to go through some of your messiness and found his old Canon AE-1! Literally almost cried when he brought it into me! I've been obsessing over film photography lately, and I think you just might have been the sign I needed to start dabbling in the film department! You all will be my guinea pigs, so as soon as I have some shots, you need to tell me what you think.

dear spring break,
Don't end. Ever...

dear boo,
Come home from Guatemala already! I get to pick you up at 12:15 am tomorrow. You're welcome, I know I'm the best girlfriend. (I'll let my Rico Suave share some of his photos on here;) )

dear Coachella,
I am trying my hardest to get a ticket last minute! Please bring me some luck to find a ticket that's not double the original price. Cross your fingers.

dear you,
Happy Wednesday!


  1. Ooohh! I inherited a film camera from my uncle years ago ... and didn't appreciate it at the time. He is a professional photographer, so its a good camera. And now I have no idea where its at.


  2. I want a nice camera SO BADLY! My mom has her father's camera from when he was a reporter in England in the 50's that I want SO BADLY!

  3. thats definitely a swoon camera :D cant wait to see the pics x

  4. Way sweet camera! Happy Wednesday to you too!


  5. love that camera. i don't want this break to end either. boyfriend? Clearly things have been going well. so happy for you girlie

  6. nice camera. looking forward to see the photos you took with this camera.

    i'm doing my first giveaway

  7. Replies
    1. loove everything about this post! coachella. amazing. and score on the cameraaaa


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