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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

You came to my high school back in 2008 and I was so deeply moved by your actions and words. I am so happy that this video is making people think, REALLY THINK! I can't wait to purchase my package to help support and give just a little bit more. I will continue to research and find out what I can do as an individual to "Make Kony Famous", and I hope you all will do the same.

dear two night classes,
At first I didn't mind missing my FAVORITE shows to attend you once a week, but the CW makes it impossible for me to watch the ext day, so therefore I have come to the conclusion you suck. When it comes to making my new schedule I will remember this hate/hate relationship and choose my classes more wisely.

dear so called "master" cleanse,
Day 8! Only two more to go. "How did that taste coming out of your mouth?" (Name that show and you'll be my best friend!)

dear Q bear,
Stop growing so fast! Mommy and your aunties are loving planning your 1st birthday party though. Momma says I get to document it all, so one day you can look back at the pictures and remember how loved you really are!

dear followers,
Bare with me. I know I haven't had to much excitement here on this blog, but stick around. Things are gonna get fun!

xoxo Happy Wednesday!!


  1. dear tori,
    i think the quote is from the blind side?? :)
    xx jes

  2. I love this. :) My roommate and I are splitting a kit (she wanted the bracelets, I wanted the tshirt, we both wanted the posters).

  3. That's so awesome IC went to your hs! My cousin had them come to hers as well! They must love southern CA! ;) Are you planning to purchase one of those $30 kits?

  4. Don't worry, your blog is awesome!!



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