Awkward and Awesome

Thursday, March 29, 2012

-Driving around LAX more than once because I couldn't read the terminal signs. Yes, I have glasses. Yes, I should be wearing them. No, they are not in style. Hence the bad eye sight. I should probably get that fixed.
-Finding a bottle of Motrin in the bag that had my dad's film camera in it. It expired in '97...
-Looking forward to this post every day, and trying to think of awkward things to write about. Sometimes I secretly wish awkward things would happen so I could share them with you.

-My new Image blender IPhone app ^^^! I'm obsessed :)
-Staying up till 3 this morning to see all 500 pictures Nick took of Guatemala. Can't wait to go see for myself one day!
-Starting to think of somewhere fun to go on summer vaca. Sure, it's months away, but I'm looking forward to it nonetheless!
-My new blogger friend Freya! She reached out to me for help (why still amazes me, but I was SO flattered) with her cute new blog. She's renovating that bad boy, but go take a look!! 

Happy Thursday all!!

P.S. My bestest friend in the whole world leaves for Oregon State on Sunday to join the soccer team and go to school! I'm gonna miss her terribly, but I know she's meant for great things. Good luck Britt!!!! xoxo


  1. Oregon State, huh? Where's she moving from??? Better look good in black and orange!

    Thanks for the mention!!!!! I'm going to work on those buttons tomorrow! Thanks for all the help!!

  2. i wish awkward things would happen to me. if i did this post, it would go something like this im sure

    my (love) life

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