Awkward and Awesome

Thursday, March 8, 2012

-turning in a paper printed in BRIGHT blue ink because I haven't bought ink in forever. Hey, at least it added some flare.
-waking up in the morning and hitting snooze 9 times. I kid you not, 9! Man I guess a girl really needs her sleep. Especially this girl.
-how much I would kill for a cucumber tomato salad. You think after this long I'd want something yummier, but no. Veggies all the way!!
-the amount of times I need to get up out of bed and pee. It's unreal!

-my family. Really they are the awesome-est!!
-today's Thursday! Which means after about 5 pm it will be the weekend for me. Hallelujah this week seemed to drag on didn't it?
-Soap net. I love me some old school 90210 reruns.
-YOU all. That's right, you're awesome :)

Happy Thursday (and weekend for me ;)) xoxo


  1. This week DID seem to drag on. I like Thursdays though because of everyones awkward/awesome posts :)

  2. um i get up out of bed to pee at least twice a night. it is so annoying. i feel you, sister!
    xx jes

  3. haha! I watched soap net (just for 90210 and one tree hill) all the time last year! Love it. :) YOu look beautiful, miss tori! And no worries, I purposefully set my alarm so I can hit snooze a few times... haha!

  4. have i told you, you have gorgeous hair yet? caaaaauuuse ya do. and i LOVE cucumber tomato salads! so so yummy!

  5. Yeah for the weekend!!! I'm so looking forward to Saturday!


  6. Can I pleeeeeease see that beautiful ombred hair in color??? :-)


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