Weekly Inspiration

Monday, February 6, 2012

With spring break around the corner (ok who's kidding it's two months away!) this week's inspiration comes in the form of exercise ambition! I've always loved working out, and it makes it that much more special when you can see results in your body! Today I've already exercised twice, and I have to say I went from feeling down in the dumps to pretty damn peppy :)

What are your favorite exercises/workouts??

Happy Monday :) Make this your BEST week yet!!


  1. I for one love exercising! Reading the fitness magazine helps with that because they have great workouts in them :)


  2. I've been going to a kickboxing class... kicky my booty into shape that's for sure :)

  3. My favorite motivation quote is "If you went running when you started thinking about it, you'd be back already!"

    So true, just do it!


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