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Friday, February 3, 2012

Who's as excited as me that it's the weekend?? It may have a tough job trying to live up to last weekends festivities, but hey who's complaining!

Last night we celebrated another birthday for one of my best friends! Bubba Gumps! Yummmm! But before I get ahead of myself you should know the drive to dinner didn't go quite according to plan, to put it simply. You see I like to play this game. Try to drive as far and long as possible before I have to get gas. Last night I experienced my first loss. There I was, on the side of the freeway, hazards on, freaking out, with no gas on the freeway! Who does that!! My friends left the restaurant we had originally intended on eating at to come bring me gas. They gassed me up and I was so excited to get on the damn road. Much to my surprise the battery died from all of the attempted restarting. So what now? AAA comes 45 minutes later to jump my car! Oh boy. I'm okay (obviously if I was dead I wouldn't be writing this) but it was traumatic to say the least! Phew... here are some pics after I regained my sanity.

Now go out there and get your Friday on!

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  1. Terrible!!! That sounds like something that would happen to me too! Glad you were able to still enjoy your night!


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