little notes

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"i looooove baf time"

dear February,
I mean you're cool with you're leap year thing and all, but in our family we like to celebrate Quinn's birthday by the month. Meaning tomorrow SHOULD be the 30th, and her 10th month of life, but no you had to go and throw things outta whack! I guess life will go on...

dear school,
You're getting on my nerves. I mean is it normal to want to lay in bed all day long watching Friends re-runs?

dear all you mommy-to-be's out there,
I know I'm not pregnant (ok I don't even have a boyfriend right now and I'm 20), but my baby fever is stronger than ever. Maybe my sister will get pregnant again and I can keep this one?
note to self: talk to Becca about this

dear self,
Do the damn thing! Kick this Master Cleanse in it's fat head! ( I am aware "it's head" is probably the furthest thing from fat, but a let a girl vent)

dear weather,
I love you

Not So Matchy-Matchy

mixing patterns

top: Cotton On // sweater: Thrifted // jeans: Frankie B // shoes: Toms // accessories: Urban Outfiters

In other news, I'm back with my fashion posts! And this might be the last time you see my rocking the ombre hair. Time to go back dark and shorter. Not too short, but a change is definitely in the cards ;)

p.s. Today is day one of my cleanse! How long do you think I'll be able to last? hehe Thanks for the good luck wishes!

p.s.s In need of a really great love story? Like the kind from a movie! Check out Nicole from A Day in the Life of an Average Girl! She will make you believe in love again...sigh

Starting "Fresh"

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I'm doing it. Starting fresh tomorrow with "the master cleanse":

Pure Filtered Water
Grade B Organic Maple Syrup, Formaldehyde free
Organic Cayenne Pepper
Organic Lemons
Sea salt  

People like Beyonce and Demi Moore have tackled this bad boy. The tricky part? 10 Just the liquid cleanse. This is just the kind of kick start I need! Wish me luck, I know it won't be easy :)
The only part I'm worried about (minus the no food thing) is my work out schedule. I spin 6 times a week, and I hope I'll still be able to do it and not feel weak! I'll keep you updated on my progress as I go! 

Happy Tuesday!

Thank you for your sweet words on this post. It means everything to me that I have a blog family to share my troubles with!!

Life Lately...

Monday, February 27, 2012

Has been...hard. I hate to complain on here about how difficult this time in my life is, but I always promised I would be 100 percent honest. I'm just stuck in a transition phase, and can't seem to catch my footing. I'm someone who likes to know where I'm at and where I'm headed, and neither seems to be clear to me right now. I know life always has a way of working itself out, but could this process speed up a little? Whenever I'm not feeling like myself I try to turn that feeling around by doing things that make me happy. As hard as I try I can't help but just feel LONELY. I don't need a boyfriend or friends to make me happy, so why is it I feel this way? I'm trying my best to figure that out, so thank you for hanging in there with me as I do just that.

Here are some things that are making me happy:



Awkward and Awesome

Thursday, February 23, 2012

-The amount of dirty clothes I accumulate in one week. Like really? Do I wear that much!?
Oh and dishes. Those bad boys add up I tell ya!
- Bachelor Ben...really? Kaci was the one we all thought could make you a little normal!
-The fact that waking up at 10 is a bit of a struggle for me....
-My apartment smelling like every animal under the sun. "I thought you only had one dog and one cat?" you might ask. Yes that is exactly true, hence the awkward-ness.

-The amount of admiration I got for that dress ^^^ It will always be a favorite of mine!
-One Tree Hill re-runs. Need I say more?
-136 followers!Really?? I'm so blessed :)
-My family <3
-Spell checking this bad boy before posting, only to realize there were ZERO spelling errors! WOOOO

Happy Thursday! Hope its more awesome then awkward for you all! xoxo

little notes

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This weeks little notes is going to be a little different. I received this note on facebook from my niece (ok mommy may have helped her write it)

dear auntie tori,
some things you've been missing:
i have mad crawling skills now and i like to throw my head back while i am having a tantrum and i love to lick the floor and wake mama up at 4 am to watch
chica and eat couscous and soup every meal and give kisses with my mouth open... so hurry and come home!
♥ q
i'm getting good at shopping too, let's go soon

Miss them so much!! Can't believe how fast time can fly while I'm away...

Weekly Inspiration

Monday, February 20, 2012

I know worrying about what you look like when working out may be the last thing on your mind, but I've got some news for you!
Personally, if I feel good about what I wear when I'm working out, I feel better about myself. So this week I'm going to show you some of my favorite ways to jazz up a workout outfit. Inspiration you may ask? I hope these will inspire you to get out there, kick some butt, and look hot while doing it!

A loose tank is the way to go! I find it easy to feel care free when I don't have to worry about my tummy showing :)   

There's something so nice about loving what on your feet and feeling comfortable. Your feet are the most important part about working out. So buy a good pair of shoes and you'll be running all over the place :)

Feeling inspired? xoxo

The End in Weekend

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekend recap.
It came and went too fast...I got to spend mine at a post Valentines day bash! There was a dress code, so I took full advantage and bought a new white dress and red heels :) what girl doesn't like a little dress up.

Hope you all had a fab weekend! What did you do? xoxo

Flashback Friday

Friday, February 17, 2012

If you're part of my instagram fam (@torib) then this may not be the first time you're hearing of flashback friday. It sounds a lot like what it is! Ok, it is exactly what it sounds like. Loads of peeps are sharing pics from way back when so I thought I'd do the same :)

*Hawaii '08. My club soccer team won second place at nationals! (recognize that blonde? We've been friends since we were 11!)

*Senior Homecoming '08. One of my best memories to date!*

*Missing these babies. They're more like mini teens now! Where did the time go*

Hope you enjoyed this little blast from the past! Happy weekend!! woooo

Photoshop 101 (1)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Are you ready for this? I've decided start a mini series detailing my trials and errors with using photoshop! I am by no means an expert, and what I've learned has mostly come from willing friends, other blogs, or photoshop books, but I want you all the find a love for photography and editing you never knew you had! (Don't have Photoshop? Try it out for free! You won't regret it)

When I started using Photoshop, the very first thing I did was play with actions and edit my photos as best I could. This is a good basic first step! Someone has already made the necessary adjustments to edit a photo for you. The most important thing to do is PRACTICE! 

How to Download an Action:
Search for free actions in Goggle to get you started. One of my favorite sites to get awesome actions is The CoffeeShop Blog.
1. Open up your picture in Photoshop (For my Mac I drag the photo to to "PS" icon found on my computer's dock.)
2. Download your desired action and open it up. (If you're in Photoshop and it doesn't automatically show you your dowloaded action, then you need to open your actions palette. Go to Windows>Actions.)
3. Open up your Layers palette. Windows>Layers.
4. Highlight the action you want to use and press the play button at the bottom of the box!
Hooray you're there! (File>Save for Webs & Devices.)
(If you want to see the changes that your action made for you, click the eye icon next to the highlighted action in your layers palette. Make sure before you save that the eye is visible!)

I hope that makes a little sense, but if it doesn't feel free to let me know if you have any questions :) Check back soon for a new Photoshop 101 tutorial!

Awkward and Awesome


-Courtney from The Bachelor...
-Not having a sip of Diet Coke in I can't remember how long! If you know me at all you'd know this is a little more strange than it is awkward.
-The fact that my laundry piles up and needs to wait to receive attention from my mom :) Hey it's not like I don't know how to do laundry, I just prefer she do it instead of me. hehe ;)
-Seeing everyone and their mom at the gym yesterday. Mind you this is the first time I have been to the school rec since Freshman year, and I get to see EVERYONE! Good thing I had my hair in a messy bun and was wearing workout clothes...
-Receiving the BEST news that one of my favorite photogs will be in LA and wants me to model for one of her shoots! ME! Ahh so excited.
-Purchasing a tripod and camera remote so I can get back to showing you guys what I wear! Phew it has been a awfully long time since I've done a "What I'm Wearing" post.
-ALL of the great comments I got yesterday about what I need to do to keep your guys' attention. Might I add I received no suggestions :) score!!!

Happy Thursday loves xoxo

little notes

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

dear nail,
You got stuck in my tire and ruined my cute car! Thankfully the nice man at the tire store patched it right up, free of charge. Mom even gave him a hug! How cute is she :)

dear "The River",
I was not intending on loving a new show, despite how silly you may be. But this big ole heart of mine made room for one more!

dear roomie,
I was not having the best Valentines Day, but you turned this frown upside down with my flowers and HUGE balloon :) I love girl friends <3

dear self,
It scares me to say this out loud but the "ideal body" you seem to so desperately crave may be in arms reach! Hard work and discipline does pay off! (lay off the doughnuts!)

dear followers,
how am I doing on this blog? I know I have made some REAL lifelong blog friends, and that means the world to me! But how are you enjoying this here blog? Any changes I should take into account?

xoxo Happy Wednesday!

Weekly Inspiration

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What better way to spend Valentine's day than getting a reminder of how strong the love one community can have for each other.

On Friday of last week, a 15 year old student committed suicide at the high school I used to attend. Immediately speculations started to arise that he had been bullied and/or was fighting depression. Instead of lingering on the idea of why, our La Crescenta community decided to take a stand and lend support and love to all those hurting in our community. Almost immediately, a facebook page was created:

"The last few days have been difficult and confusing. Collectively we are seeking comfort.

If your heart is aching and seeking a way to help but you just don't know how... 

Have a Heart. Show YOU and your family CARE about the Crescenta Valley... it costs nothing- just a little effort and time. Sit down... ask every member of your family to participate. There has ALWAYS been something special about the Crescenta Valley... that's why SO many of us grew up here, raise kids here AND have lived here for 30+ years!

Life is precious and at times complicated. Although we don't have all the answers we have a CHOICE in how we respond... not just with fear, blame & anger (although those are normal emotions in times of tragedy and trauma).

If you know HOPE, even in the midst of difficulty, we can CHOOSE LOVE.

Create a Valentine's Card:
Say "I CARE" and sign your name, age, city and how long you've lived here!

The vision is that these will be collected, sorted & ready for distribution on Valentine's Day when CV High School re-opens... can you picture ALL 3,200 students and administration getting a card of encouragement that shows we as a community CARE when they return to campus on Tuesday, February 14."

It brings me such happiness to know, even in the midst of such horrible tragedy, that strangers can love so openly, selflessly and whole heartedly! More than 5,500 love notes and cards were left to show the support we have for our community and the young boy who's life ended to soon.

My hope in sharing this story with you is just to get you to think about what's really important in life. LOVE. I hope you live your life much like I do, with love, kindness and support for those who need it most. 

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." -Plato 

It's Here Again.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday morning! This sure did sneak up on me out of nowhere! It's especially hard knowing that I procrastinated and have some studying to do, but this post is my way of holding onto the last few minutes of this great weekend.

I love being able to be myself and hang out with the people that know me best. And this weekend was no exception. Here's my weekend recap (picture edition).

Hope your weekends were just peachy as well! Xoxo

Happy Saturday!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The weather here in Long Beach has taken a bipolar turn (for the worse) and has got me thinking about clothes. I know that doesn't quite make sense, but humor me :) It's been awhile since I've shown you some cute outfit inspiration, so here we go :) As per usual brought to you by Nasty Gal !

All about add-ons!

What are your favorite ways to jazz up an outfit?? XOXO

Speaking of Love...

Friday, February 10, 2012

"Don’t be afraid to fall in love. It’s the only thing that matters in life. Just fall in love with as many things as possible". -Country Strong

This sappy ole heart of mine has got me thinking about love. Not love that I have for a significant other, but the love I feel everyday. Love for my family, friends, and you all! Happy Friday :)
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