What to Do When You're Feeling Down:

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Have a girls night with your best friend! 

It's true, I am feeling a little sad. I'm no longer in a relationship, so this girl needs to keep herself busy!

Step one: Drive my butt out to Thousand Oaks and watch some hilarious movies with a glass of wine. Ya. Thats just what I'll do!

Thoughts and prayers welcomed :)


  1. I'm so sorry Tori!! Best wishes to you! I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Aww Tori, I know how you feel! Its hard to be alone but sometimes its a good thing! (Obvs that isn't what you wanna hear :)) Glad that you have great friends to make you happy! Good, cheap wine+good friends+funny movies= too much fun!

    Hope you get to feeling better. Thinking about you!

  3. Awww I'm sorry girl! Girls night out is definitely the best remedy! Keep your head up!
    P.s. I'm from Thousand Oaks! Haha small world.

  4. ohhh that stinks :( I thought that was our boyfriend in your ski pics from a few days ago?!? hope everything gets better!
    and I am living in westwood now so if you ever want to meet up we should!

  5. I'm sorry! You need a girls night!

  6. Girls nights are the BEST!!! I'm sorry about the relationship :( but, your beautiful, so you'll catch another soon!

    PS- I grew up in Agoura Hills! We were neighbors!

  7. I am a firm believer that girls nights and babies giggles can cure anything... Sending my thoughts your way!

  8. aww hun!
    i am so sorry to hear that..
    i hope it was the best for both of you
    and i really hope you feel better!

    i love my friends
    they are always there when you need them
    and there is nothing like a girls night out
    when you are feeling down...

    if anything i am here for ya!

    Melina ♥

  9. time to find someone hotter, smarter, funnier, more loving, more caring, more selfless, who treats you better, does more for you, and would never ever give you up. because he is out there and you deserve him.

    mrs. dtf

  10. A best friend can fix pretty much anything.

    A perfect bandaid.

    Thoughts for a mended heart for you, from me:)

  11. um, seriously? could you get any cuter. who needs guys when you have a best friend! love!!!
    xo TJ

  12. Sorry that you're no longer in a relationship but better things are to come! & yay for best friends <3

    LOVE your blog design by the way, did you do it??

    Now following.

    M x

  13. I know this is is super late, but blame the sunshine in Mexico for my reading this so late...so anyway...WHAT?? What happened? I'm so sorry hon! I hope it all turns out for the best. I have learned in my almost 34 years (and I had a lot of crappy things happen to me in those years) that EVERYTHING happens for a reason, and you might not see that now, but you will later..could take a few months, could be a couple years, but in the end, you will see that everything that happened to you brought you to the place where you will be happy in the end.
    ♥ Kyna


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