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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

dear sweet sweet Ryan,
I'm still holding out. One day you will be mine! ;) Ever since The Notebook I've had my eye on you.

dear facebook, instagram and blogger,
every morning I wake up and HAVE to see what it is you have to say. It's not like you are all even that funny, but still, I am obsessed.

dear spring break,
I know I shouldn't long for you already seeing I'm only on day three of the semester, but would it kill ya to hurry up a little?

dear all,
I dare you to listen to this song and not love it!
and check out my cute new blog header! Thanks Danielle!

dear self,
I am so proud you got up and out of bed, brushed your teeth and headed to spin @ 6 am. (no that's not a typo! 6 freaking am)

dear Quinn,
You crawled today for the first time! Your mommy and nana are both so proud of you! By the time I see you next you'll be walking up a storm.

I'm featured over on Mrs. DTF's blog! If you don't follow her, you need to. She has forced my emotional self to laugh out loud on many occasion!


  1. I love your new blog header girl :)

  2. Love the new header! I need to get one myself! I love me some Ryan too! He is just too much. Can we make a pact to share him if she commits to one of us? :)

  3. I completely understand your wish for spring break to hurry up! I've been hoping for it since January 2nd. :S Great post!
    Lauren @ Lemon Trees and Bumble Bees

  4. Ohhh goodness - that pic of Ryan made me day! And I wish I was still in school so I actually had a Spring break. Came over from Mrs. DTF - lovely blog you have here :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  5. we all do it!
    ill be in bed and will open
    instagram before i even try to get up

    whats your user love!?

    Melina ♥


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