Much Needed Mini Vaca

Sunday, December 4, 2011

With finals week around the corner (eeek!), what better time to get a last minute vacation together! All us girls made some last minute plans to head up to Lake arrowhead. For us there are always a few obvious things involved.

Dancing, laughing, singing, dressing up, and LOADS of pictures :)

Just what the doctor ordered if you ask me.


 Hope every one's weekend was just peachy!!


  1. what a lovely place to visit! it looks like you had lots of fun! :)

  2. looks like so much fun. that place looks beautiful. mini vacays are the ultimate! i just found your blog. so happy i did! i love it. following :) x

  3. so um, i love your blog :)
    -your newest follower

  4. You look gorgeous my friend! :-)
    P.S, I LOVE Lake Arrowhead!
    ♥ Kyna

  5. i love your blog :D i'm your new follower, i would love to have your support in return please

    check my blog and follow me back...

    love your photos..

  6. Supermodels!! Y'all are too cute...and this place looks amazing! There's nothing like a good getaway. ;)

  7. Just saw you over at Mr.Taylor and His Lady and am now your newest follower! Love those pics- Look forward to reading your posts and gettin to know ya!


  8. this looks like such a fun getaway - what a great idea :)
    just found your blog...and i love it :)

    your newest follower,


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