Restless Blog Hop

Friday, November 11, 2011

I thought it would be fun to do the Restless Blog Hop, hosted by Christa to meet some new blogging friends! I'm trying my best to reach out and make new friends on here, so if you stop by and see something you like, fear not, there's more where that came from :) 

I'm a fun loving, free spirited, 20 year old.

The name of my blog, Keep Calm and Carry On, came about from the idea that everyone in life has their own struggles. Im here to tell you that with love from friends and family, you can make it through even the toughest situatuions! And if you ever need someone to talk or vent to, or seek advice from, let me tell you I'm your girl!



  1. Also a new follower from the hop!!!

    That's a motto I *try* to live by, but calm isn't actually a natural thing for me haha ;)

  2. Thank you both!! Im new at this but how come I can''t see you both following me? Hmm

    Jess: Calm isnt a natural thing for me either! Actually quite the opposite, but I make do :)


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